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Open Lens Creators Brief

So you've got an idea that you'd like to try out in a VP stage?

That's great!

Given the nature of the 'Open Lens' Sessions as you can imagine there are a few ground rules you'll need to consider before submitting your idea as the idea of the sessions is to help everyone involved to create in a simple relaxed environment so the priority isn't the end goal, it's the journey.

  1. Focussing on 'simple' shots; mids, close ups ECUs shot in a day is key. So any 'idea' will need to be captured in 3 to 5 shots, with only a few additional takes if required.

  2. Complex shots; wides, whipping, hand-held etc won't be possible in an 'Open Lens' session.

  3. Audio and speech won't be possible on an 'Open Lens' session. This adds complexity and conditions to the filming, when audio isn't part of the process.

  4. The CGI and Unreal Engine locations and sets we hold are the only ones which can be used for a 'Open Lens' session. Unfortunately, we can't accept unprepared and optimised projects to film with. Most scenarios can be covered. However, there maybe occasions that we feel an additional virtual location might suit our library - details on request.

  5. Unfortunately, there aren't any possibilities to change or be flexible on the ground rules. 

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