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Community Guidelines

It's key we are inclusive to all members whatever there level, role, organisation, technology choices, workflow or personal diversity.

To foster this, it must be a safe place to share, discuss and debate for everyone to succeed.

  • We are a positive vibe zone.  

  • The group is not used for Facebook style-discussion, debate or chit-chat.

  • Please respect all the community members - we are in this journey together.

  • Not everyone has English as their first language - actually, the majority doesn't so please appreciate this and avoid jargon, together with patience.

  • This is a global group, so discussing geographical relevant topics will be irrelevant to the majority, please use other groups in the community to do so. Or request a specific location group.

  • Post quality over quantity - rather than have members unsubscribe due to chat noise.

  • This group shouldn't be viewed as a commercial opportunity to sell products or services - if there is a demand we'll create a specific group for that. Let us know!

  • Members of the group may be and very likely be commercial competitors, however this is a learning and sharing environment. Everyone is welcome.

  • Avoid any criticism of tech and suppliers. They two are trying to learn what 'we' need to be successful.

  • Inappropriate content or posts that contravene the guidelines are likely to be deleted under the admins discretion.

  • Please also avoid politics and religion at all times.

In summary, please respect our members' chat-feed, we prefer quality over quantity and aim to retain our members, rather than have them unsubscribe due to chat noise. We hope you will appreciate this mutual respect too.

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