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Mo-Sys Academy - by Mo-Sys

Delivered in person and hands-on in small groups at purpose built facilities in both London and Los Angeles. The Mo-Sys training covers a wide range of capabilities:

  • VP Overview, Camera Tracking, VP Green Screen

  • AR & ICVFX

  • Lens Calibration

  • VP Technician Training


Where: In-person - London UK and Los Angeles US


Final Pixel Academy

Final Pixel Academy is the training arm of Final Pixel

Learn the latest virtual production techniques and skills from industry experts working on virtual production projects for major broadcasters and international brands.

Where: Mainly on-line/e-learning


ICVFX Intensive Workshop - by Lux Machina

The ICVFX Intensive course, is six-day short-format online workshop consisting of detailed lectures, demonstrations and labs.


Where: Online


When: TB


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