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Starting Pixel Chat Summary - 25th Feb 2024

Updated: Mar 24

This summary is created using a ChatGPT "Chat Summariser" - expect the unexpected, inaccuracies but good grammar.

Main Chat

Monday, 19/02/2024

  • A member inquired about trying out a specific software related to business cooperation linked to a website.

  • A request for deep technical discussion on the construction and operation of a 16-bit panel, specifically the Roe bp 2v2, was made due to a lack of information on the internet.

Tuesday, 20/02/2024

  • Discussion on audio post-production issues in independent feature films, specifically relating to Quality Control (QC) processes at a Soho Hollywood level post house.

  • Advice offered on preparation for audio post-processes and a recommendation of a sound engineer with Netflix experience.

  • Insights shared on internal QC processes within editorial teams to address audio issues before official QC.

  • A debate on the transition of Netflix India from LED to Simulcam technology, discussing its benefits, cost-effectiveness, and application in virtual production (VP) and interactive cinematography for visual effects (ICVFX).

Wednesday, 21/02/2024

  • Inquiry about reliable Virtual Production (VP) market figures for an upcoming investor meeting.

  • Discussion on logistical arrangements for attending a Sony stage demo at Pinewood, including shared transportation.

  • Links shared to articles and LinkedIn posts discussing depth in filmmaking and VFX, and a new VP volume being built at a university.

  • Invitation to a seminar on a 48-hour Virtual Production Filming Contest, highlighting the importance of the contest for students.

Thursday, 22/02/2024

  • New members introduced themselves, sharing their backgrounds in computer games, film production, and interests in virtual production technologies.

  • Discussion on the usage of LED walls for events and VP filming, including service providers based in different locations.

  • A guide on virtual production published by the British Society of Cinematographers (BSC) was shared.

Friday, 23/02/2024

  • Introduction of a new member from Qatar.

  • Discussion on the benefits of 120hz monitors for reducing fatigue and maintaining a flow state.

  • Sharing of experiences and backgrounds by new members, including a focus on real-time animation, motion capture, and virtual production creator roles.

Saturday, 24/02/2024

  • Announcement of the Xiaomi 14 Ultra with a photography kit hitting the stores, and a discussion on its features compared to a single large format sensor.

Sunday, 25/02/2024

  • Request for new members to introduce themselves, leading to several members sharing their backgrounds in VFX supervision, production, and interest in virtual production and on-set capture.

  • Discussion on real-time animation workflows using Unreal Metahumans and motion capture suits.

  • Introduction of a light field camera system through a shared YouTube link.

  • New members from Copenhagen and Buenos Aires introduced themselves, sharing their involvement in VP/VFX supervision and production, and expressing interest in learning and developing in Unreal Engine and VP.

Events, Training and Work Opportunities Noticeboard

Tuesday, 20/02/2024

  • Promotion of a 48-hour Virtual Production (VP) contest seminar at the University of Surrey, highlighting the importance for students to create original stories, with reference to the 2023 winner from Beijing Film Academy.

  • Inquiry about temporary wall rental for a VP shoot, with recommendations for rental organizations and direct contacts provided.

  • Invitation to an XR Network online seminar on AI Composure.

Wednesday, 21/02/2024

  • A member based in South India, specializing as a Director of Photography, expressed interest in virtual production opportunities, particularly in ICVFX.

  • Sharing of Unreal freelancer opportunities at a London studio.

  • Announcement of a fun shoot at Disguise at the end of March, looking for environment artists to join. Offers of participation in various capacities were made, including learning opportunities.

  • Inquiry about spare tickets for a VIP party at Cine Gear Expo in New York.

Thursday, 22/02/2024

  • Discussion on the possibility of volunteering for a shoot at Disguise, questioning why participation was for free.

  • Announcement of a live free webinar by Adobe on Generative AI in creative roles.

  • Freelancer opportunities across Europe at a company announced.

  • A request for identification at an event by a member with distinctive purple hair.

Friday, 23/02/2024

  • Pitch for a horror concept script seeking interested parties for production involvement.

  • Media Production & Tech Show update with a session on the VP stage greenlit, seeking contacts who worked on major productions like House of Dragons or Rings of Power for case study sessions.

Saturday, 24/02/2024

  • Members meeting with the VES/MoSy/Starting Pixel crew, including discussions on Gaussian Splat testing and new software.

Sunday, 25/02/2024

  • Sharing of a video technique for remote compositing an interview using UE and several Ultimattes, shot on 4K on two green screen studios.

  • Last call for the VP seminar/webinar with speakers from leading VP-related companies and information on the 48H Virtual Production Filming Contest.

VP Show and Tell

Tuesday, 20/02/2024

  • Members discussed connections made at the FOMEX event in Riyadh, highlighting VP's growth in Saudi Arabia.

  • A link shared about Sora's impact on generative video content.

Wednesday, 21/02/2024

  • A link was shared for a virtual production-related article on LinkedIn.

  • Discussion on a video editing masterclass by Thelma Schoonmaker, emphasizing the importance of visual storytelling.

Thursday, 22/02/2024

  • Adobe's open-sourcing of #OpenUSD file format plugins was discussed for improving interoperability between various file formats.

  • Epic Games' initiative to map features of FBX to GlTF and OpenUSD for a gap analysis was shared, with an invitation for interested parties to assist in the interoperability effort.

Friday, 23/02/2024

  • Discussion on importing GLTF to Unreal from Polycam, noting the smoothness of the process.

  • A YouTube video featuring Igelkott Studios and Framestore was shared, highlighting high-quality stage production.

  • Discussion on Studio Ulster's potential as a VP space, focusing on its resources and R&D program.

Sunday, 25/02/2024

  • A last call for a VP seminar/webinar with speakers from leading VP-related companies and information on the 48H Virtual Production Filming Contest.

  • Discussion on designing a budget estimator for LED panels, including considerations for resolution, price per square meter, and optimization for 4K outputs.

Location Capture

Tuesday, 20/02/2024

  • Discussion on dedicated desktop software for NeRFs (Neural Radiance Fields) and GaSps (Gaussian Splats), with a link shared to a LinkedIn post announcing the software.

  • Positive feedback on the software and mention of some splat work done by a member.

Wednesday, 21/02/2024

  • Clarification sought on whether drone and ground captures were used for the splat work, with confirmation that both were utilized.

Thursday, 22/02/2024

  • Inquiry about recommended Gaussian Splat (GSplat) libraries of already scanned environments, with Orbistabula mentioned as a resource.

  • Discussion on creating a running sequence environment using a Gaussian splat fly-through, exploring the concept of a 3D driving plate for running simulations.

  • Suggestion that splats may not be suitable for focus-sensitive applications, with a recommendation for a 2.5D plate instead.

Friday, 23/02/2024

  • Debate on the applicability of splats for 'outside in' vs. 'inside out' capture, with interest in testing drone captures of a splat for dynamic environments like streets or forest paths.

  • Mention of Luma AI as a source for great examples of applicable technology.

  • Advice on using Neural Radiance Fields (NeRF) approaches for 'unbounded' or 'inside out' capture, including specific settings to improve unbounded capture processing.

  • Sharing of a link to Luma Labs' capture project and discussion on the possibility of importing Luma Labs library models into Unreal Engine.

Back Chat

Monday, 19/02/2024

  • A Facebook video link was shared but encountered access issues for those without a Facebook account.

  • Discussion about an artist using photogrammetry software to create NERF or Gaussian splat and incorporating it into Unreal Engine, highlighting a potential pipeline development.

Tuesday, 20/02/2024

  • Inquiry about the cost implications and advice for addressing audio issues during the Quality Control (QC) process for an independent feature film.

  • Request for a link to a mini clip from "Nordic VP" showing live capture and on-set reshoot comparison, which was identified as from Nordisk Film Shortcut 360 stage in Copenhagen.

  • Discussion on render settings in Davinci for a ClearCast approval, exploring the compatibility of codecs and containers.

Wednesday, 21/02/2024

  • Further clarification on Davinci render settings for ClearCast approval, with a detailed list of specifications provided for different containers and codecs.

  • Suggestion to use Media Encoder for simplicity, reflecting on DaVinci's UI challenges in terms of media professionals' expectations for destination-oriented settings.

  • Mention of creating render presets in Resolve to streamline the process.

  • Discussion on the flexibility of Supers Height in content aimed at various regions.

Friday, 23/02/2024

  • A link to a Hollywood Reporter article discussing Tyler Perry's alarm over the use of AI in the industry.

Digital Human

Monday, 19/02/2024

  • A member discussed the functionality of Headshot 2 in Character Creator 4 (CC4), highlighting that while the tool is effective, the quality of textures from 3D scans could be improved. They suggested that enhancing the final model with high-quality texturing could yield better results. Additionally, they pointed out that CC4 offers a head export option for use with MetaHuman, which notably allows for the transfer of textures from CC4 to the MetaHuman, enhancing the realism and quality of the final digital character.

  • A YouTube video link was shared to illustrate the point, presumably showcasing the process or results related to the use of Headshot 2 in CC4 and texture transfer to MetaHuman.

Wednesday, 21/02/2024

  • An article from IBC was highlighted by John Maxwell Hobbs, reflecting on the outcomes of various accelerators and developments since their inception. The post, shared on Facebook by Marcus Endicott, offers a personal perspective on these advancements.

  • For those without access to Facebook, a direct link to the IBC article was provided. The article focuses on the topic of synthetic-based humans, exploring whether they present a solution to talent shortages or pose a threat to skilled jobs within the industry.

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