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Starting Pixel Chat Summary - 12th Feb 2024

Updated: Mar 24

We run a weekly summary of the various conversations in the groups, so you don't have to keep up to day with all the live posting. Just sit back on the bus, in the bath or while watching the TV.

Main Chat

Monday, 12/02/2024

  • Maysa suggested notifying ScreenScrills to update their page once new roles get acceptance.

  • Rachel, a production manager, humorously commented on the unrealistic budgets in pitches and mentioned her plans to advise traditional filmmakers on schedules/budgets and take on the role of VP supervisor.

  • Rob shared a brief message.

  • David shared information about the Sony Venice 2 Version 3.0 firmware update, highlighting its benefits for virtual production shooting, and mentioned his plans to explore the first function at BSC.

  • Sinan expressed excitement about trying the new camera features.

  • David discussed player intros for the Super Bowl using VP with Ghost frame and shared a link to Silver Spoon's work on Nickelodeon coverage for the Super Bowl.

  • Several members discussed preferred media players for NotchLC, mentioning Adobe After Effects, VLC, disguise designer, and QuickTime with NotchLC addon as options.

Tuesday, 13/02/2024

  • Amit EPIC shared a Vimeo link.

  • Michael shared a LinkedIn post.

  • Rob indicated a move to Back Chat for unspecified reasons.

Friday, 15/02/2024

  • David shared a LinkedIn post about virtual production in the NFL.

  • Discussions around the differences between ICVFX supervisor and VP supervisor roles, with several members offering insights into the specific knowledge and responsibilities associated with each role.

  • Diego -introduced himself as living in Brussels since 2018.

Saturday, 16/02/2024

  • Nathan introduced himself as a VP advisor and shared a taxonomy developed with Epic to help understand VP techniques and processes.

  • Toni discussed CyberGaffer, a tool for replicating virtual scene lighting in the real world.

  • A follow-up discussion on the use of OSVP in virtual production and its inclusion in the taxonomy.

Sunday, 17/02/2024

  • Deborah shared insights from a BSC conversation about a two-monitor screen system for filming.

  • Discussions around the implications of recording large amounts of R3D data and the benefits of integrating real-time workflows in Unreal Engine for virtual production.

Monday, 18/02/2024

  • David shared a link to Projection 3D for creating 2.5D effects and other related resources.

  • Rune inquired about alternatives for making 2.5D.

  • A discussion on DMX lighting control for previewing theatre performances in Unreal 5, with members sharing resources and advice.

  • New member introductions from Pav, Tim Porter, and others, highlighting their backgrounds and interests in virtual production and related fields.

Back Chat

Monday, 12/02/2024

  • Jake and Rob shared YouTube links to different contents without specific descriptions.

  • David shared a Deadline article about a BBC landmark study advocating for an eight-hour working day in TV and film. The article discussed mental health and the efficiency of having scripts ready well in advance.

  • Karim and Deborah highlighted the importance of planning and the industry’s tendency for last-minute changes.

  • Maysa remarked on the difficulty of changing habits in script adjustments.

Tuesday, 13/02/2024

  • Carlotta warned UK producers/production companies about a scam and shared prevention tips.

  • Rob shared a YouTube link to a podcast episode about using AI tools for TV producers.

Friday, 15/02/2024

  • Andrew and Carlotta discussed an interesting episode of The Apprentice focusing on creating a new game concept for a virtual escape room, noting the contestants' general lack of success in past creative tasks.

  • An external link to OpenAI's SORA was shared.

  • Rachel shared her experience working near the Apprentice team, noting the intense nature of their shoots.

Saturday, 16/02/2024

  • DavidJohn, and others discussed the advancements and ethical concerns of text-to-video technology with links to examples and discussions on data sourcing.

  • Concerns were raised about the potential negative impacts of these technologies on creative jobs and privacy.

Sunday, 17/02/2024

  • David shared a link to an analysis on freelancing jobs being replaced by AI.

Monday, 18/02/2024

  • Pablo and Emre discussed recommendations for affordable projectors for home use, focusing on quality, value, and the importance of proper projection surfaces.

  • David and Rob discussed projection screens for studio use, with advice on ultrashort throw projectors and rear projection screens.

  • Rune shared his positive experience with the AVstumpfl Monoblox rear projection system.

Tuesday, 19/02/2024

  • David shared a Facebook link to a video, which Augusta had trouble accessing due to not having a Facebook account.

  • John mentioned a creative use of photogrammetry software with a video from SORA, predicting it as a future pipeline.

  • Augusta managed to access the video and planned to share it with her brother, who works for Sora.

Digital Human

Monday, 12/02/2024

  • Michael Davey shared links about Cory Williams creating a high-quality digital replica of himself using 3dpresso and Character Creator, and new tools for crowd simulation in Houdini 20, including a YouTube presentation.

Tuesday, 13/02/2024

  • Marcela discussed the ease of using Xsens workflow in UE (Unreal Engine) for animation and mocap, highlighting the upgraded curve editors, filters, and the pose library.

  • Rob Chandler and others discussed challenges and preferences in mocap workflows between UE and iClone, noting the trial and error due to outdated tutorials or plugin compatibility issues.

  • Rob Chandler sought advice on an expiring Xsens MVN license and whether exports could still be done post-expiration. It was suggested to use a cloud-based license for temporary access.

  • Jorquera Starting Pixel shared a YouTube link without specific context.

  • Jake Fenton expressed interest in seeing the process of wrapping a 3D scan onto a Metahuman while maintaining likeness.

  • A YouTube link to MetaTailor for Metahumans clothing was shared, indicating interest in exploring clothing customization for Metahumans.

Sunday, 18/02/2024

  • Jake Fenton shared enthusiasm for a process that combines 3D scanning with custom materials to create high-quality Metahumans, maintaining a high level of likeness.

Tuesday, 19/02/2024

  • Discussion about the effectiveness of using high-quality textures from 3D scans to improve the final Metahuman models in CC4 (Character Creator 4). It was noted that CC4 allows for texture transfer to Metahumans, potentially enhancing the realism and quality of the models.


Monday, 12/02/2024

  • Social event announcement for next Thursday in London at the Disguise office. Link to Eventbrite provided for tickets.

  • Rob shared info about the RendrFestival in Belfast and online, happening on 29th Feb/1st March, and a reminder to add non-Starting Pixel events to a shared Google Spreadsheet.

  • David discussed job opportunities at MARS Volume and shared a LinkedIn job posting.

  • Carlotta suggested a job opportunity to Rachel, who found it very relevant.

Tuesday, 13/02/2024

  • Andrew shared a LinkedIn post about a Visual Effects Society event opened to non-members, with a correction on the email address for inquiries.

  • Rob called for speaker submissions for an MP&T event in May, prompting several members to express interest in participating or suggesting panel topics.

  • Rob also announced a BSC VIP After Party and the creation of a BSC 2024 WhatsApp group.

  • Bob suggested a panel idea on AI, VP, and DIY in filmmaking, with a clarification on what MP&T is provided by Chris.

  • Scott and others showed interest in joining panels, discussing various potential topics.

Friday, 15/02/2024

  • Christopher announced the 2024 48H Virtual Production Filming Contest by the Asian Virtual Human Association, highlighting new features and international judges.

  • Rob mentioned filming an event on the 29th and shared a Starting Pixel event about virtual production supervision.

  • Maysa inquired about filming the event on the 29th for those unable to attend.

Saturday, 16/02/2024

  • Andrew reminded about the "Disguise after Dark" event in London, with JD and Rachel expressing interest in attending.

  • Rachel shared a LinkedIn post about a motion graphics designer opportunity at Outernet London.

  • Rob shared a LinkedIn update, intriguing the group.

Sunday, 18/02/2024

  • Michael and David shared links related to virtual production and HDR introduction courses.

  • Rob updated on the VES Virtual Production Event at Mo-Sys Towers, detailing presentations and free registration for non-VES members.

BSC Chat

Friday, 15/02/2024

  • Anna mentioned being available today and tomorrow, suggesting a meet-up between Verona and Burano.

  • A VP social gathering is announced at the Prince Albert pub in London, with several members planning to attend.

  • Philippe humorously commented on being rich in other ways.

  • Stephen shared a link to the @drivingplatesuk new commercial and expressed excitement about attending the BSC Expo.

  • Chris announced he's doing a panel on Image-Based Lighting at the BSC Expo.

  • Event times for the BSC Expo were clarified by members, including the opening hours for the next few days.

  • Carlotta and others expressed enthusiasm about meeting the SP gang at the expo and the after-party.

  • Rob Chandler shared details about the after-party at the Prince Albert and encouraged members to join.

Saturday, 16/02/2024

  • Pablo inquired about Tony Ngai's presence in London, who responded he's in Hong Kong preparing for an event.

  • JD Absen mentioned arriving at the BSC on the CVP party bus.

  • Michael inquired about the pickup location for the free shuttle bus to the BSC Expo due to roadworks, later updating the new pickup spot.

Sunday, 17/02/2024

  • Michael asked members about noteworthy findings at the BSC Expo, sparking discussions on various technical aspects of VP technology, including the Red camera with two monitors, iPhone usage as a monitor and tracker, and the Tilta Nucleus Nano II.

  • Deborah inquired about the BURANO 8K CineAlta camera, leading to discussions about cross-renting and shared equipment among companies.

  • Chris and David discussed technical considerations around frame rates, shutter angles, and potential flicker effects on large screens.

  • Gavin John Hu - QST Holodeck, and Oleks discussed the benefits of higher refresh rates in reducing in-camera artifacts and the challenges of mitigating flicker for cast and crew.

  • Mike explained the differences between Brompton’s Frame Re-mapping and Megapixel’s Ghost Frame technology, highlighting the best VP tech showcased at the event.

This summery has been created by ChatGPT with little 'human' editing. 

As such rrrors and omissions may occur as a result.

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