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Starting Pixel - Weekly Summary 29th April

Midjourney: A watercolour of 4 robot social media content creators on stage infront of a large stadium crowd ar 16:9

This summary has been created by ChatGPT from the various recent chat rooms discussions. Please assume there will be errors and omissions as no one is perfect. To get the discussions first hand, head over to Starting Pixel.

Executive Summary

This summary encapsulates discussions and developments across various topics in virtual production, emerging technologies, and professional events.

Main Topics:

  • Virtual Production Techniques and Tools:

  • Professional Development and Networking Events:

  • Innovative Technology Showcases:

  • Technical Solutions and Community Insights:

Event, Training and Job Opportunities Highlights:

  • Educational and Training Opportunities:Announcements of new training dates and opportunities for learning about color science and on-set technology, fostering skill enhancement among professionals.

  • Engagement in Virtual Production Discussions:Active participation in discussions related to the practical challenges of virtual production, including the setup of physical and digital environments.

Show and Tell:

  • Practical Demonstrations:

  • Resource Sharing:

Overall, the discussions reflect a vibrant community actively engaging with cutting-edge technology to solve practical problems and enhance production quality in the realm of digital content creation. This summary underscores the dynamic exchange of ideas and solutions that are shaping the future of virtual production and digital storytelling.


  • Inquiry about using the blackbody node for emissive materials and texture coloring.

  • Discussion on file synchronization tools like Resilio Sync and Perforce, with various experiences and opinions shared.

  • Mention of using Assembla for version control, highlighting its simplicity and cost-effectiveness.

  • Several users share their experiences and preferences regarding version control systems including Git and Unity Version Control.

  • Discussion about using Unreal Engine for virtual production, specifically around color approximation in different color spaces.

  • Query about competitive pricing for remastering and upscaling services.

  • Technical discussion on Unreal Engine’s Lumen for lighting solutions and dealing with issues like light bleeding through walls.

  • Mention of various virtual production tools and updates, including a new virtual camera tool now available on Android.

  • Conversations about real-time and non-linear workflows using USD, Houdini Solaris, and Unreal, with references to Omniverse as a collaboration platform.

  • Discussion about challenges and solutions related to virtual production setups, including the use of keying software like Ultimatte for green screen workflows.

  • Queries about hardware and software requirements for effective virtual production setups, focusing on genlock generators and their alternatives.

  • Various users express interest in upcoming events and opportunities, including Cannes Film Festival and becoming a patron for a virtual production content platform.


  • Adobe Max event link shared for an event in London, with discussions around attendance and live streaming options.

  • Notification that in-person tickets are sold out, but a related event, Substance Day, still has slots available.

  • Announcement of a symposium at Production Park on specific dates.

  • Job opportunity shared for a senior R&D fellow in VP/XR at the University of the Arts London.

  • Reference to a sold-out event and regret about not being able to attend.

  • Sharing of a link to a Film London Labs event featuring a discussion on adapting to AI.

  • Announcement of fellowship opportunities at Epic Games for Unreal Engine.

  • New training dates announced for Sony on-set colour training, including a new 1-day intensive course.

  • Events posted for a VFX festival and an event on virtual production at Stype on the south coast.

  • Discussion and link sharing for Microsoft's VASA-1 project on lifelike audio-driven talking faces.

  • Virtual production taster session advertised with a registration link.

  • Final call for registration for an unspecified event via a Google Doc form.

  • Request for a designer to assist with an Unreal environment setup for a demo event.

  • Reminder and information about an upcoming Radiance Fields event with last-minute availability.

  • Several posts related to various VP and tech events, including a live podcast shoot and a discussion on AI tools for video and audio post-production.

  • Inquiry about the privacy of an event with links for registration.

  • Mixed messages about an event being invite-only but also having publicly accessible ticket links.

  • Event venue exploration mentioned, seeking partnership opportunities with disguise for a "Let's Make Films" event.

  • Recaps and acknowledgments of participation in recent events, highlighting community engagement and event success.

Show and Tell

  • User shares development of a dual camera facial mocap rig, noting its lightweight design with 3D-printed parts and aluminum rods for actor comfort.

  • Link to a LinkedIn post about a Reddit thread featuring famous movie scenes.

  • Reminder about the last 10 days for registration with a link to a Google form.

  • YouTube video link shared without additional context.

  • Article about a new game engine-free in-camera VFX system undergoing testing.

  • Video showcasing ICVFX at 3:20, primarily focusing on depth of field, part of Unreal Engine 5.4 highlights.

  • FXguide article on Unreal Engine 5.4's release featuring improved ICVFX and Android vCam.

  • Instagram reel shared without additional details.

  • User casually asks if others can guess their location.

  • User mentions conducting research with a Bolt robot, describing it as amusing.

  • Thank you message directed at a user for unspecified help or collaboration.

  • Joke about another user's physical proximity during a discussion.

  • Inquiry about the duration of an ongoing or upcoming event.

  • Expression of fondness for using a Bolt robot.

  • Mention of a view from a booth at the NAB show last week.

  • Light-hearted comment about a green screen setup.

  • Desire expressed for specific content involving a female shooter and smoker.

  • Sneak peek of upcoming fashion green screen work shared, with an invitation to discuss potential AR/VR applications.

  • Inquiry about the methods used to create green screen (GS) content, answered with details about using full-body capture rigs and a proprietary pipeline.

  • Announcement of the first AI film, with a linked YouTube video.

  • User expresses confusion and seeks clarification on an ongoing discussion or event.

  • Casual reaction to the discussion, mixing agreement and playful dismissal.

  • Mention of an augmented reality effect applied to a green sweater.

  • Approval of a team choice, possibly related to content or team collaboration discussed.

Location Capture

  • Inquiry about using HDRI cameras for stage backdrops to ensure cinema quality and enable smooth movements.

  • Recommendation for at least 12k, ideally 16k spherical HDRI format for backdrops in virtual production volumes, compatible with Unreal as .HDR files.

  • Initial tests with Insta360 Pro2 yielded poor results; considering higher quality cameras for cinematic backdrops.

  • Information shared that the Titan Insta360 has limitations in bit depth, offering only 10bit in 8k or 8bit in 11k resolution.

  • Recommendation for cameras that can shoot in 10bit Log at resolutions of 12k+.

  • Mention of the Meta3 360 camera as promising but untested in practical scenarios.

  • Description of a sophisticated rig using 9 RED Komodo 6K cameras to create a 30K seamless stitch, suitable for both vehicle-mounted and static setups, showcased in a provided YouTube video.

  • Discussion on seeking HDRI cameras that could avoid the need for post-production stitching to enhance the realism and tracking capabilities in virtual production.

  • Mention of HDR capture technology on RED Epic and Scarlet cameras, noting that high dynamic range cameras like RED, Venice, or Arri are preferable for achieving HDR-like results.

  • Link to a product offering Native 16K360 footage for download, indicating high-resolution capabilities.

  • Example shared of successfully using a Roundshot VR for stills and PTGui for stitching, creating a virtual window effect in a room.

  • Casual inquiry about the specific camera model used for recording.

Digital Humans

  • Discussion on using HDRI cameras for backdrops in virtual production, querying suitable camera options for cinema-quality results.

  • Recommendation for using high-resolution spherical HDRI formats (at least 12k or 16k) in Unreal Engine for backdrops.

  • Mention of disappointing results with Insta360 Pro2 for cinematic backdrops and exploration of better camera options.

  • Discussion on the bit depth limitations of the Titan Insta360 for achieving cinematic quality.

  • Suggestions to seek cameras that can shoot in 10bit Log at resolutions of 12k or higher.

  • Introduction of the Meta3 360 camera as a potentially promising option for cinematic backdrops.

  • Description of a sophisticated setup using nine RED Komodo 6K cameras to create a high-resolution seamless stitch for virtual backdrops.

  • Inquiry about integrating Marvelous Designer clothes with MetaHumans, seeking improvements to streamline the pipeline.

  • Suggestion that newer versions of Marvelous Designer might offer easier integration with Unreal Engine.

  • Mention of MetaTailor, a standalone website, as a potential quicker solution for integrating MD clothes with MetaHumans.

  • Discussion on the readiness of MetaHumans for production, highlighting their high resource demands and performance issues in virtual production.

  • Use of MetaHumans for technical visualization, particularly in lighting and real-time changes, though still facing significant performance challenges.

  • Examples shared of successfully using MetaHumans in projects by modifying them for distance shots and optimizing for performance.

  • Exploration of using photogrammetry alongside MetaHumans to manage performance issues.

  • Discussion on the focus in the industry shifting from achieving realism to enhancing believability in the portrayal of synthetic humans.

  • Announcement of Synthesia's new expressive AI avatars with an upcoming kick-off event.

  • Recommendation to watch a specific segment of a replay for demonstrations of advancements with Synthesia's technology.

Back Chat

  • Link to a Financial Times article shared; unable to access due to paywall.

  • Request made to summarize the FT article using ChatGPT.

  • Query about the advisability of using a separate electrical circuit for powering a volume in virtual production settings.

  • Recommendation that a standard ring circuit would be insufficient for powering more than about 10 panels in a volume setup.

  • Clarification sought on using an isolated circuit rather than a ring circuit.

  • Suggestion made to use a 3-phase power supply via a distribution system with an RCBO per line for most volume setups.

  • Link to Stagesmarts distros, recommended for large stages.

  • Note that the size of the volume might not require the use of the powerful c72tv model unless it is a very large setup.

  • Minimum requirement for even small volumes suggested as a 63A 3-phase supply.

  • Recommendation to separate power sources for LED, lighting, and other equipment such as brainbar or render nodes.

  • Mention of the necessity of using uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) for control equipment.

  • Endorsement of using separate power setups for LEDs, render nodes, led processors, and synchronization gear.

  • Acknowledgment of the use of Q-Rentals for color science-based rentals, offering hardware and software solutions including CR100 spectrometers.

  • Plans to expand offerings to include reference monitors and fully calibrated equipment.

  • Brief security concern raised over sharing potentially sensitive information in a large group, quickly resolved as a mistake.

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