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Our unique community-funded model means we don’t need a billionaire owner (it would be nice), and keeps us free from technology or business influence or bias. It means we (the community) can talk about any area of virtual production and the new wave of technologies without fear of repercussions. What’s more, we strongly believe that open conversation leads to quicker adoption of the right approach to whatever story is being told. In these turbulent times for the entertainment industries, we hope you’ll choose to support us today. 

If you get a lot from the community, even the smallest subscription would make a world of difference.
We're still working on the details, but there will be unique benefits in becoming a founding Super Member - likely cool stuff! 

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Currently based mainly on WhatsApp our virtual production groups cover discussions on
Unreal Engine, directing/producing and DP, LED/green screen, digital human, Film Schools, VFX, performance capture, camera tracking, colour science and everything and anything to so with virtual production.​

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