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Currently FREE to join and open to anyone who works in virtual production or in a traditional role that is growing to encompass virtual production.

Starting Pixel (SP) is the premier international network and the sole collective within the entertainment industry dedicated to uniting both the pioneers of virtual production and the traditional experts who are embracing this cutting-edge technology.


In just one year, SP has rapidly grown to encompass nearly 500 members from over 45 countries, spanning the entire spectrum of entertainment – including film, television, commercials across multiple platforms, animation, social media content, special venue productions, studios, technology suppliers, film schools and gaming.



Currently based mainly on WhatsApp our virtual production groups cover discussions on
Unreal Engine,
directing/producing and DP, LED/green screen, digital human, Film Schools, VFX, performance capture, camera tracking, colour science and everything and anything to so with virtual production.​


Our mission is to drive the progress and recognition of virtual production worldwide.
We aim to empower our members by offering top-tier professional education, nurturing a supportive community, and enhancing industry acknowledgment.

  • Wed, 15 May
    Location is TBD
    If you're into virtual production and you'd like to meet other people into virtual production, then this is the event for you!
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