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Open Lens Sessions

These 'all-in-a-day' filming sessions are a chance for directors, producers, scriptwriters, advertising creative teams, DPs, camera ops, clients and influencers to create an ultra short for zero risk


Are you...

  • A producer or director wanting to see virtual production first hand before taking the plunge?

  • Crew captivated by the tech, have you been on the training, but never got 'hands on'?

  • An ad agency or client considering using virtual production for your next shoot but not sure where to start?

  • A writer, influencer, media owner, podcaster, creative team, Unreal Artist with a simple idea, brief, pitch idea, proof of concept, want to take your podcast to the next level, or an influencer looking to be the next Mr Beast...?


Well if the answer is YES to any of those then do we have the answer for you...


These sessions are designed specifically to be a sandpit for attendees to play in, test ideas, see how shots are created, light sets (on set and virtually) and explore camera movement, while shooting an ultra in the latest hybrid virtual production studio - a combination of LED and green screen virtual production in the same studio space. 

With 3 options to participate the day is fully flexible:

  • Crew > For anyone from a traditional or non-traditional filming background. You will be able to light, shot block, direct and capture

  • Observer > For producers, media strategists, creative teams, clients and influencers. You will be able to see first hand and discuss options without the risk of holding filming up

  • Creator > If you're a writer, a CGI/SFX creator, creative team or client who would like to see how an idea can come do life, then this role is right for you. The only constraint is to tell the story in only a handful of shots (see HERE for more details).


Knowledge Hubs: Helping to demystify VP with a supportive experienced team to fully explain and demonstrate the value of using virtual production. We will share our expertise, enabling you to be educated on the transformative power of this technology.

Production Playgrounds: Each week, we will be exploring different ideas and shooting methods and styles, helping to push the boundaries of a participant's experience. 

Working with Unreal: See the possibilities of shooting with Unreal Engine, swapping sets, changing lighting, using live VFX, and communicating with the UE team to make changes.

A Typical Open Lens Session
Preparation morning: Meet the team, plan the shoot, explore the virtual locations, discuss shots, lighting and environments, whilst gaining an understanding of the possibilities available.
Shooting afternoon: Turn over time, experimenting shots, virtual set adjustments, using previz and rough cutting to produce an ultra short by wrap


More than just filming, it's a gateway to endless possibilities.

Join us at Morden Wolf and ignite your creative journey. 




Can I come alone?

Yes anyone can come along to our WW’s, this day is targeted to industry professionals, VP crew and creatives, anyone interested in VP, people wanting to learn and experience more about it and people just starting out in the industry. 

How much is it?

The day itself will cost you nothing however if you are wanting to bring a larger/more in depth idea to the studio please get in touch as we can look at alternative options to bring it to life with a reasonable fee.

Can I come for part of the day?

If you are signing up to be an attendee you are more than welcome to come for however much of the day you want to however if you are a crew/creative member signing up to be a part of the shoot day crew we would recommend staying for the entirety of the day in order to gain the full experience.  

Can my entire team come?

Yes, your entire team can come along to experience VP and create something you an use to pitch and showcase.

Are there any editing resources included in the day?

If an editor is at the event then if they are interested it would be possible to create an edit on the fly. Unfortunately, no editing resource is available otherwise.

Can I just observe?

Yes you can just observe by registering as an ‘OBSERVER’

Can I bring a script or idea?

Yes, register your idea in the ‘SUBMIT AN IDEA’ sector.

Where is it?

Google Maps: Morden Wolf Greenwich, Address: Tunnel Avenue, London SE10 0PA, WhatThreeWords: ///, Directions walk-though

What is the cancellation policy?

If you registered to be crew/creative please let us know if you can no longer attend min 2 days prior to the shoot and if you registered to be an attendee please let us know any time. 

Is there parking?

Yes there is parking on site, let us know if you require parking so that we can sort out a ‘free pass’ for you.

Do I need to bring any equipment?

No we have a studio filled with equipment available for use

How long is the day?

Our typical Open Lens Day runs from 10:00 - 17:00

How do I benefit from this experience?

You will benefit from this experience by gaining knowledge and hands on experience with working with and in a VP environment. You will also gain a rough edited ultra short which you can use for showreels and pitches. 

Who owns the intellectual property (IP)?

By the nature of the production, basic, simple to produce and rudimentary, all the IP (BTS and footage) is owned by Starting Pixel. However, for a collaborative or paid production with Morden Wolf outside of the 'Open Lens Sessions' the IP will be owned as per the agreement.

What types of projects have you already shot? 
We have shot a multitude of projects including films, adverts, music videos, broadcasts and much more.

Can I bring my own talent along?

Yes, if you have talent in mind/involved please bring them along to the day, if not do not worry as we will have a proactive team happy to stand in and help out.

Who will be there on the day?

Each week will differ with new creatives and crew, working alongside our Morden Wolf VP professionals. 

How do I apply/sign up?

Sign up using the registration button - register an idea/register as crew to be part of the day/as an observer.

I’m new to virtual production, can I still come along?

Yes please sign up as an attendee so that you are able to listen, learn and start feeling more comfortable with Virtual Production. 

*Terms and Conditions apply

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